How to Get More Done Each Day Surprising Productivity Tips

Posted by Webmaster - October 19, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

Owning a business is wrought with challenges the least of which is productivity. Many tasks and responsibilities need to be checked off the list each day. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. The following tips and ideas may strike you as odd or downright controversial. Give them some thought, they may work for you.

Get Rid of the Office

Your home office can be your friend or your foe. If you find that the time you spend in your office is largely unproductive, it’s time to get rid of it. You might still use it as space to store and organize your business files and materials. However, for a workspace you need to find something different. Look to a place in your home where you feel most comfortable.

This may be the room that gets the most sunlight or the quietest room in your home. For example, while the kitchen table may not be the quietest place, it does provide a large work surface and it may be the brightest room in your home. Try working in a few different locations until you find the space that works best for you.

Take Breaks – Many, Many Breaks

Take a look at the time on your clock when you sit down to work on your next project. As soon as you begin to feel distracted or you begin losing energy and motivation, take a look at the clock again. Chances are about 45-60 minutes has passed. Most people have an attention span that lasts about that long. It doesn’t mean you have to be finished with the project. What it does mean is that it’s time to get up out of your chair and to stretch. Go for a ten minute walk. Do a household chore or run an errand. Get away from your computer and business for around ten to thirty minutes. When you return to your task you’ll be able to focus.

Shorten Your Work Week

Are you able to hit the ground running five days a week? Most people begin to lose focus, energy, and motivation around Thursday. Consider embracing a four day work week and a three day weekend. Take one day a week off – Friday or Monday. Your four days may be longer days but you’ll be able to come back fresh and rested if you are also able to enjoy three full days away from your business.

To embrace these tips and ideas you’ll probably have to modify your existing business systems. Give each one an honest try. While the approaches are unique, they are proven to work and help you accomplish more each day.