Your Funnel’s Top End: Selling $1,000+ Products and Workshops

Posted by Webmaster - September 16, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

The techniques you need to sell a $1,000+ product are quite different than selling a $20 product. Much of what’s written online about how to sell applies mostly to lower end products rather than higher end products.

How do you sell a $1,000+ product?

==> It Begins with Long-Term Trust Building

You’re not going to sell a $1,000+ product without building long-term trust. Don’t expect your PPC traffic to turn into $1,000+ purchases within the first month.

Instead, expect your customers to land on your site, opt in to your email list and purchase a lower ticket item to start.

Make sure that item truly delivers and creates an experience that people love. They’ll be much more likely to buy from you once you’ve over-delivered once.

==> Adding a Personal Touch to the Sales

Most low ticket items are sold virtually, through scalable media. In other words, you use sales letters, recorded sales videos and so on to sell low ticket items.

You can certainly sell high ticket items the same way. But to really maximize your sales, it’s best to add in some personal touch.

For example, add in webinars and teleseminars. These are great ways to interact with a lot of people in your community. People can ask you questions and feel like you’re really there for them. You can also do introductory seminars in person.

The formula is to spend the first 85% of the event blowing your audience’s minds. Put your best foot forward and make sure your content rocks their world. Then spend the latter 15% on selling them on your program.

These “high touch” sales tactics build more trust and make people feel like they’ll be taken care of once they’re your customer. That’s crucial.

==> Reputation Matters

When you’re selling lower end products, you may be able to get by with just strong headlines and good testimonials. Once you get to the $1,000 price point, however, your reputation starts to play a major role.

People will talk about your workshops. People will ask friends who’ve been there what they thought. People will compare notes on industry message boards. People will review your products.

In short, you can’t get by on just marketing. You really have to over-deliver on your promises. Build a solid reputation and much of your high end sales will happen on its own.

==> Scarcity and Urgency

Adding scarcity and urgency is more important with high ticket items than low ticket ones. People are much more likely to “want to think about” a $1,000 decision than a $20 one.

Fortunately, the very nature of high ticket items makes it easy to create real scarcity. For events, you can let them know that certain speakers are only speaking once. You might only host a certain seminar once.

For products, let them know you’re only selling X copies or are giving a special bonus to only the first X buyers. Use scarcity to push them over the edge.

Selling high ticket items is the ultimate test of your business. Once you can consistently sell $1,000+ items, you know you’ve joined the rare ranks of the highly successful internet marketer.