Why You Need Graphics on Your Blog Posts

Posted by Webmaster - October 30, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

In order to develop great blog content, as well as keep reader interest, the judicial use of appropriate images can go far in making your site feel more welcoming. They say “a picture is worth 1000 words”, and that’s very true. It’s amazing how the right image in the right spot can make all the difference in your blog. Here’s why.

Catches the Reader’s Attention

The right image put in the right place can catch the reader’s attention. It can make the reader realize you’re being ironic, or serious, or silly. A great image sets the overall tone of your message. The right image can even help tone down a super serious message so that the reader can digest it.

Adds Interest for the Reader

Images add to the content in ways that mere words cannot. It breaks up the view into scannable areas for a deeper understanding of the blog post for the reader. The colors will make the blog post stand out more, and keep the reader reading. A bunch of text with no break is not exciting. But, break up a long post with relevant images and you’ll have a winner.

Differentiates Content

This is especially true if you’re using PLR and want to make it your own. Do some editing, add in some relevant pictures, and you have suddenly become unique. People are very visual, and having a picture on the blog post helps create a more memorable experience for the reader.

Helps Demonstrate Meaning

The right images can actually demonstrate what you mean in your blog post. If you’re trying to teach someone how to do something, adding in images that make your point will be very helpful. You can use screen shots, or other images that tell a story that matches your blog post.

Improves SEO

Believe it or not, a good image and proper use of alt tags can improve your search engine optimization. Not only that, a great image will make readers more likely to share the content when it comes with the fabulous imagery. Be sure to fill out all the information of your image such as the title and description text for the image, using appropriate keywords.

Increases Engagement

Using appropriate images will make your blog stickier and make people more likely to engage with your blog post and comment. People have short attention spans, and if you can break up the text they are reading with relevant imagery, all the better. If you have thumbnails set up right, when they share your blog post the image will show up next to the share, making it that much more likely for someone to click through.

Adds Humor to Your Blog

Sometimes adding a humorous image can help when you are going to blog about a serious topic. It can lighten the moment and make your readers laugh. It might also make them happy enough to want to share your blog post with others. Be careful about choosing images for humor, though; you don’t want to insult your audience either.

There is no reason not to add images to every blog post. It will make your blog that much more beautiful and relatable to your audience.