Why Product Launches Begin Weeks in Advance

Posted by Webmaster - August 30, 2014 - Blog - No Comments

Launching a product doesn’t start on the actual day of the product launch. It starts weeks in advance, building up to the day of the launch – sometimes even before the actual product is actually ready for prime time. Shoot for starting 8 to 12 weeks prior to the date you’ve chosen for your product launch and you’ll have that much more of a successful launch day.

* Invite Influencers Early – Send anyone who can influence your audience review copies or partial review copies and information about your product that you’re planning to launch. Ask them if they can talk about it, announce it to their lists or do a review on the product.

* Seed Your Social Networks – Every now and then you should mention the exiting new product that you’re creating. Getting your audience involved in some way helps, too, such as asking them to pick names of products and even prices.

* Seed Your Blog – Like with social media, you want to tease your audience with mentions of the new product that is coming soon.

* Submit Press Releases – When you have any event related to your new product launch, send out a press release.

* Create Sneak Peak Videos – At some point during product creation, the bones of the product are good enough to offer some sneak peeks via video to your audience to get them super excited. If you show excitement, they will too.

* Create Interesting Infographics – If your product is solving a problem, make infographics that depict the problems to get your audience aware of these problems and salivating for the solution to the problems.

* Plan a Launch Event – A great way to launch the product is with a series of webinars with limited entry. Get your affiliates involved in having branded webinars to talk about and give early, limited access to your product.

* Create Bonuses – Early purchases by early adopters often include bonuses and discounts that no one else will get. It’s a great way to entice people to buy your product early.

Aside from creating the product, you have to plan and organize all the events surrounding the product. These activities can take some time to create, and it’s always better to build up to the big launch date. To start, choose a launch date based on how long you think it’ll take you to create and finalize your product. Next, organize the creation of all the content, reviews, webinars and bonus products that will accompany your product launch.

Move through your calendar, creating the dates that each item must be finalized. Some things will be done simultaneously but others have to be done in a particular order. You’ll need to organize all the parties involved including your vendors, affiliates, and reviewers. What’s more, things don’t end with the launch date. Keep producing more content about your product or service and keep the buzz going for the best results in the days, weeks and months to come.