What Makes Content Profitable?

Posted by Webmaster - October 24, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

We all know that content is King. But, do we know the difference between the types of content and exactly what makes content that is profitable? There are all types of content available for you to choose from. You can choose to write articles, create case studies, publish white papers, make videos, host webinars, compile reports, write eBooks and more. And, it is a good idea to create all of the above.

But, how do you know which are most profitable? First, we need to understand what makes content profitable.

* Content must be targeted
* Content must be consistent
* Content must be engaging
* Content must be relevant
* Content must be useful
* Content must have a call to action

By keeping these six important points in mind for any type of content that you create, you’ll make more content that is profitable. Let’s look at each point in a bit more detail.

1. Targeted – You must know your audience and for whom you are writing. If you understand your audience and can write content that is targeted just for them, your content will be more profitable. Create an audience persona to help you target messages better.

2. Consistent – Send your readers content regularly in order to be profitable. Whether it’s email marketing content, blog content, video or something else, it’s important to produce new content on a regular basis. You want your audience to expect you.

3. Engaging – For content to be profitable, it’s imperative that it also be attractive, engaging content that speaks to your personality and makes the reader feel good. The reader should come away feeling as if they know you even more now. People like buying from those whom they know, like and trust. Be that person.

4. Relevant – All content that you create needs to be applicable to the reader. This goes back to knowing who your target market is, but also understanding that each piece of content needs to be directed toward a different segment based on where they’re going to be reading it.

5. Useful – Readers know the difference between “keyword rich” content and content that really communicates something useful to them. Avoid writing too much for search engines and not enough for human beings.

6. CTA – Every piece of content that you produce needs to have a clear call to action (CTA). By encouraging the reader to do something interactive, you’ll get a larger return on investment. If you don’t tell the reader what you want them to do, they probably won’t do anything. So tell them: “buy”, “share”, “like”, or whatever other action you want them to take. Every single time.

Probably the most important aspect of content that is mentioned is the final point. The call to action is an imperative that you cannot forget, but unfortunately, most marketers do forget. They feel silly including a CTA in every post, every video, every email message – but don’t. That CTA is what’s going to set profitable content apart from other content. And, you want all your content to be profitable, right?