What Are Google Ad Swipe Files?

Posted by Webmaster - January 1, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

This is not a trick question or an advertisement for thievery. Swipe files can become your new best friend if you are using Google AdWords to give your advertising campaign a lift. Keep reading to learn more about this neat idea.

What Is a Swipe File?

It sounds complicated or like something a programmer would tinker with. In fact, it is much simpler and more useful than that. A swipe file is a group of information that has proven successful for a business in the past or present. Think of it like a wish board. It gives you ideas about what you can do to mount a successful marketing plan for your business.

Start with your marketing plan. It lays out how you want to start promoting your business. Advertising gets the word out but (especially with an online business) you want customers to notice you above all others who are also competing for their attention. This will often require a multi-approach to your plan.

Google AdWords is a good place to begin. Here you have the opportunity to get your ads positioned in places where your target audience will see them. Even if your website is not ranked on the first page of search results, your ad can gain a high enough ad rank for it to be there. Then, customers can still find you and hopefully with better success than SEO alone.

So Where Does This Swipe File Fit In?

For an advertiser, your file can contain not only your own creative ideas for marketing your business, but also examples of successful campaigns. For example, you might include magazine ads that have caught your eye, logos that have branded successful businesses, snippets from landing pages that have high conversion rates, or other ads that have used wording that you liked.

Where does it all go? You have several options for that. A physical file or notebook is great but you can use so many other tools to help build your Google ad swipe file.