Top Tips – How to Write a Successful HubPage Article

Posted by Webmaster - March 23, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Writing a successful HubPage article involves paying attention to the quality of the information within the article, as well as paying attention to how HubPages works. A combination of writing quality and understanding of the HubPages system will help get you more traffic, more up votes and ultimately more qualified visitors to your website.

If you’re ready to write a successful HubPage article, just follow these steps.

==> Start with Keyword and Content Research

Using the Google Keyword Tool, identify a handful of keywords you want to target. These keywords should be prominent enough that they get worthwhile traffic, but not competitive enough to be too difficult to rank for.

Look through HubPages to see what has already been written about the topic. Do the same with the front page of Google for each of these keywords.

Make sure that whatever article you end up writing is completely original. Ideally, you should address something that isn’t already being addressed, or is at least being addressed badly at the moment.

==> Writing the Title

The title should contain your main keyword and should be as attention catching as possible.

Many writers find that it helps to write as many as twenty different titles, then just pick one when it comes time to publish.

Keep a notepad around so you can write down any title ideas that come up.

The title will appear at the top of your HubPage, but it’ll also appear in the search results. It’s the most important sentence in the entire article.

==> Writing the Content

When you’re writing the content, try to reduce the fluff as much as possible and stick to material that can immediately benefit your reader’s life.

Make the content skimmable. Use subheads to make it so that internet browsers can very quickly find what they’re looking for. People will often find your content as they’re looking for specific pieces of information. Help them do that, rather than forcing them to read the whole thing.

Cover as many points as possible. HubPages actually rewards points for length, so the more unique content you can provide the better.

==> Marketing & Promotion

If you’re linking to your own website, do it subtly and only do it once or twice. Don’t use your HubPages page as a sales letter. Instead, use it to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about by providing top-notch information.

Then link to your website. Sell from your site, not from HubPages. Overly promotional pages will get demoted in HubScore.

Make sure you use SEO techniques to promote your HubPage as well. The more traffic your page gets, the higher your HubScore will be.

Writing a great HubPages article can help garner a lot of traffic. Not just any traffic – pre-sold traffic with people whom you’ve already established credibility with.