Three Ways for Mentees to Reward Their Mentors

Posted by Webmaster - February 24, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

Having a successful mentee/mentor relationship requires effort from both sides. Mentoring is a method of helping others on the path to success in their profession. As a mentee, you need to make sure you are making the most out of your relationship with your mentor and be prepared to give something back to your mentor. Your mentor is an extremely valuable person who needs to understand just how important they really are.

Monetary values aside, a mentor most likely is in this role because they enjoy what they do. For this to continue, this person also needs to feel needed, appreciated and valued. If they begin to feel any less appreciated, chances are they may just decide to no longer participate in mentoring anyone.

Here are three basic things mentees can do that will help encourage their mentor to keep going and make them realize how valuable they really are.

1. Be Committed to Success

One of the best ways to thank your mentor is to be successful. Share your success stories with your mentor and when they see they have played a huge part in your success, it will give that person a feeling of gratification like no other. Itís very fulfilling to know you have helped someone start something new and been able to see and hear how successful your mentee has become. Sharing your success is something that your mentor will appreciate and always remember.

2. Positive Communication

If your mentor has made a difference in your life, you simply need to tell them. When you communicate with them about this, go into detail and tell them exactly what they have done for you and how you know you could not have reached your goals without their help. When mentors have completed their job with you, they want to walk away knowing theyíve done something great for their mentee.

3. Acknowledge Your Mentor to Others

Make sure you mention your mentor to anyone and everyone you get the opportunity to mention them to. Once your success becomes a reality, you will have plenty of opportunities to bring your mentors name to the public ear. Getting your mentor’s name out to others will help your mentor build new relationships and will also make them realize just how great of a job they did while acting as your mentor. Like anyone else, a mentor has the desire to feel needed and appreciated.

Mentee/mentor relationships are those relationships that become tied together with one common goal. Itís about giving someone something that will leave a lasting impression on them for life. If your mentor has done this for you, then they have done their job well. Donít send them away with anything less than that feeling of ďa job well done.