Three Unusual Local Marketing Strategies

Posted by Webmaster - July 30, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Sometimes, in order to stand out, you need to do something unusual. Something that makes people’s heads turn. You want your business on the forefront of people’s minds, rather than faded into the blur of all the other companies out there.

How can you make your brand pop out? Here are three different, highly unusual local marketing strategies you can try.

==> The Parking Meter Method

The parking meter method is quite simple. Go to your local bank and get a lot of quarters. Say, 200 quarters for $50.

Print out a flyer that says: “I saw you ran out of time on your meter. So I put a quarter in for you.” On the flip side of the flyer is an advertisement for your business.

Then walk, drive or bike around your city, looking for cars whose meters have expired. Put in a quarter or two, then slip in your flyer.

People who come back to their car to see this note will be immensely impressed and grateful. If they’re in your target market, you can bet you’ll be seeing them in your shop soon.

==> The Promoter Blitz

The Promoter Blitz technique works best on a day where there’s a big event. For example, if there’s a fair in town or if there’s a big conference with media coverage.

Hire ten energetic teenagers. For $10 an hour for 5 hours, this whole endeavor would cost you about $500, plus a few other expenses.

Then have them stand outside the event, promoting your business. Do it in a fun way that contributes to the atmosphere of the event.

For example, have them wear roller blades and talk to people. Or create a small game people can play. Train them to talk about your business in a way that makes it sound like the most incredible thing in the world. People shouldn’t feel like they’re being sold to.

On a high traffic day, this can get you a huge amount of exposure. If you’re lucky, you could even get some media coverage as a result.

==> Pizza Box Advertising

Want some very cheap advertising? Go to your local pizza parlors and offer to cover all their costs for pizza boxes. Or, if that’s too expensive, cover part of it.

In exchange, all their pizza boxes have to feature an ad for your business either on top or inside the pizza box. To reduce your costs, you can split this ad space with 1-3 other businesses.

Most local pizza shops won’t care all that much if there’s an ad inside their pizza box. It doesn’t change their customer’s experience. However, they care very much about the costs of pizza boxes. So helping them cover the cost for cheap advertising is a win/win for everyone.

These are three unusual but effective local marketing strategies you can try in any city. Make sure you’re reaching the right market with these strategies. Don’t use the pizza technique if you’re targeting the elderly, for example. That said, if you’re targeting the right demographics, these techniques can be incredibly effective.