Three Myths about Online Job Searching

Posted by Webmaster - March 22, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

While the internet is a fabulous way to seek and search for just about everything, do not assume that it is the one and only way to go. Online job searching may find you the dream job you have been seeking, or it may just become like a full-time job in itself.

There are several myths surrounding the online job search and here are the top three. With this information, you can safeguard yourself from prospective scams and avoid limiting yourself in your job search endeavors, as well.

Myth Number One – You Make Money by Spending Money

This is the number one myth to be wary of and avoid at all costs. Myth number one is an important one because it involves your safety. Many individuals will tell you that they have had experience with seeking a job online only to be asked for money from some fly-by-night company that does not even exist.

If someone tells you that they can find employment for you and it will only cost you a few dollars, run for the hills. This is not true. You may very well be on your way to an employment scam, pyramid scheme, or a multi-level marketing strategy, and you might find yourself disappointed in so many ways. If anyone asks you for money, resume your job search online or elsewhere.

Myth Number Two – If You Cannot Find It Online, It Does Not Exist

If you have been searching the traditional job sites and cannot find a job or have not even heard a peep of a response, do not be afraid to contact these companies or organizations directly in addition to your online search. You can send your resume straight to the Human Resources Manager or put in a phone call and ask for the opportunity to set up an interview via Skype online.

You can also send your resume with an outstanding cover letter to the company. No one does anything by snail mail anymore, and you may just find yourself being asked to go back online and apply via the original job post. However, you can always ask for a title or subject from that manager to put in your email so that he or she will recognize you.

Myth Number Three – There Is Too Much Competition So Why Bother

Deciding that there is too much competition and staying off the many online job sites is not going to be beneficial to your search. Yes, it may take some time and effort; however, just like anything else, if you do not put in the time or the effort, you will not reap the results.

While traditional job-searching techniques are still available, the world of online job searching for seeking employment can lead to an achievable goal.