The Art of Promoting your EBook with Coupons

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Everyone loves a deal and that includes book readers. EBook readers love to get a deal on the authors they love to read. Smashwords provides the facility to generate coupons for any author that publishes there.

The Art of the Coupon

Why do businesses use coupons? It increases their patronage. With so many other competitors vying for your hard-earned dollars, they need an advantage to make you choose them over another.

This works the same with books as well. On Smashwords, authors are given the opportunity to use a coupon generator. For online purchases, coupon codes are needed at checkout in order for the buyer to receive the discount that is advertised.

Before you create a coupon you will have to decide what you want it to accomplish. There are many options: take cents off of final purchase, a percentage off of total price of the book, a free book with purchase of another book, or even dollars off of a book. Some authors even use limited time coupons. This lets customers know that they have only a short period to take advantage of the generous offer from the author.

Why offer a coupon for a discount if your goal is to sell books? Here are a few reasons why.

The Benefit of Coupons for EBook Sales

Even if you have written the best book in the world, it won