Ten Product Ideas for Any Niche

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Sometimes people have trouble coming up with product ideas for their own niche. But, the truth is, there are many products you can create to sell that work for every niche. It just takes a bit of creativity and thought. Don’t worry, though; you only need to create the ideas and subject matter. You can outsource the actual product creation if you so desire and have the budget to do so. Once you get started, you’ll be amazed to learn that products often create themselves.

1. EBooks – Turn any group of blog posts about the same topic into an eBook and sell it as a PDF download from your blog or website. You can add to the blog posts or start all over and write an eBook about your niche and sell it to your list members and readers.

2. Kindle Book – Write an original work with your niche in mind and publish it on Kindle. Think of the possibilities. It can be a how to book, a compilation of case studies, or a story about how you succeeded in business. Anything you can write a blog post on can be turned into a full book.

3. Coaching Program – If you have a good following, you can offer a coaching program to others who want to be successful in your niche. It doesn’t matter what your niche is: dieting, cooking, parenting, internet marketing, or something else entirely. You can come up with a good coaching program to offer your followers.

4. ECourses – A really great way to deliver quality content is via paid online eCourses. These are how to courses that are delivered to your member’s email inbox on a particular schedule. The easiest way to create a membership site is to create a timed eCourse where the participant receives one lesson per week or other interval of your choice for a set price.

5. Online Webinars – You can have a paid online webinar or you can even have a free one, but offer the recording for sale. You can rework the online webinar to become a multitude of other products such as an eBook, a video to add to your membership website, or as a DVD to send in the mail to people who purchase it.

6. Teleseminars – Another way to disseminate the information you have is through a teleseminar. Host a weekly teleseminar for pay to a group of elite customers, or for free, then use the recording to create new products such as a podcast series, or a fun add-on for other products.

7. White Papers – If you’ve developed a way for your market to overcome a particular problem related to your niche, write a white paper to inform your audience about the solutions available to them. White papers are authoritative reports that are great for educating your market on an important issue, helping them make decisions and solve problems.

8. Paid Newsletters – You may already send out a free weekly newsletter to list subscribers, but you can also charge people for newsletters that you offer both online and in print. The paid newsletter should be sent out regularly, usually quarterly or monthly, and be full of industry-specific information for your readers.

9. How To Videos – Everyone loves to learn how to do something, and you can create videos about almost anything today. Whatever you want to teach to your followers can be done by video. What’s more is that your video doesn’t even have to be perfect to sell. Having said that, there are plenty of resources available to help edit and create a winning how to video series which you can sell online and offline.

10. Private Membership Site – You can throw all of the above into a membership website and sell monthly memberships to everyone in your niche. It’s an excellent way to obtain residual income that multiplies year after year as the word gets out.

As you can see there are a variety of different products you can create for any niche that you want to be involved in. What ideas can you come up with that would work for any niche?

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