Social Media Efficiency in Five Easy Steps

Posted by Webmaster - August 16, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Social media efficiency could be defined as “how to have the maximum impact possible with the minimum time and energy investment.” It takes a little bit of effort to set up your life and business for maximum social media efficiency. Once they’re set up, however, these tools and habits will pay off for the rest of your business’ life.

==> Step #1: Use Google Alerts to Track Industry Keywords

If something big happens in your industry, you want to be able to comment on it immediately. For instance, if you’re in the hard drive industry and Sony suddenly announces they’re going to slash hard drive prices by 30%, that’s something you want to know.

Google Alerts allows you to track certain keywords and get an email in case of major events.

==> Step #2: Keep a List of Ideas on You at All Times

Keep a journal on you to jot down tweet or update ideas. Better yet, if you have a smartphone, just use your phone to jot down ideas as you go.

You can also use an app like HootSuite to schedule tweets or updates to go out in the future. Just make sure you schedule them far enough in advance that you have time to review them at home before they go live.

==> Step #3: Automatically Syndicate Blog Content

Automatically syndicate any blog post you write to your Twitter feed and your Facebook page.

There are many tools and WordPress plugins that make this easy for you. Basically, whenever you make a new post, a shortened link is generated to your blog post.

By integrating your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts, you can post that link to your social media profile(s) in just 10 seconds.

==> Step #4: Install “Buffer” for Chrome or Firefox

Install the Buffer app, which allows you to post to your Twitter feed from within your browser. This saves you time so you don’t have to log into Twitter or go to a website in order to post.

You can schedule tweets to go out at a future time. You can also easily share any web page that you see with the click of a button.

==> Step #5: Use Hashtracking to Tweet Visible Tags

Hashtracking makes tracking the most visible tags a piece of cake. This service allows you to find the tags that people are talking about in your industry, so you can join in on existing discussions.

Before you post, try to find a tag related to your industry that already has people talking about it.

These five steps will increase your social media efficiency and make your life a lot easier. Getting your tools up and running could take a bit of time, but it more than pays for itself.