Smart Ways of Improving Your HubScore

Posted by Webmaster - March 19, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

If you’re planning on using HubPages as a marketing tool, learning how to increase your HubScore is paramount. Why? Because if you have a user HubScore of below 75 or a HubPage score of below 50, all the links in that article will be NoFollow.

What does that mean? That means any links from your HubPages won’t be visible to search engines. They won’t help your rankings at all. Naturally, you want your links to be followed, which means you need to spend some time upping your HubScore.

How do you increase your HubScore?

==> Increasing Your Individual Page’s Score

What influences the score of your individual HubPages?

One thing that makes a big difference is traffic. The more traffic your HubPages get, the higher the HubScore. That means that you should put some time into promoting your HubPages, just as you would any other page on your website.

The number of up votes and down votes on your HubPage also makes a big difference. The more people who up vote your page, the higher your score. That means that quality plays a central role to your score.

The length of the article matters. The more content you provide, the higher your HubScore will be. Don’t write extra content just to fill space; but if you can provide more information, do so.

Don’t be too promotional in your HubPages. It’s okay to link off to your website, but don’t make your HubPage a sales letter. HubPages can detect overly promotional material and will downgrade your score accordingly.

Finally, uniqueness matters. The more unique the content you provide, the higher your HubScore.

==> Increase Your User Score

There are several factors that influence your user HubScore.

First, participation in HubPages helps increase your overall user HubScore. The more you read other pages, the more you comment on other pages, the more you vote on other pages and the more you participate in the forums, the higher your user score.

The collective score of your hubs also plays a big factor. The more traffic, the more votes and the higher voted your pages, the better your user profile’s score will be.

The time you published your last hub matters. HubPages gives higher rankings to active authors, rather than authors who wrote good hubs three years ago.

Finally, the number of fans you have also improves your HubScore. Again, put attention into providing top-notch content, preferably around the same topic, so you get a lot of people following you.

If you follow all these tips, you’re nearly guaranteed of a high HubScore. That means that anything you write will qualify for DoFollow links, sending you both traffic and PageRank. HubPages is a bit more complex to use than other marketing tools, but its exclusivity actually lends it clout with Google once you’ve jumped through its hurdles.