Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Commerce Plan

Posted by Webmaster - June 26, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

Over 180 billion dollars was spent online in 2012. We could end this article right there as an explanation why every business needs a mobile commerce plan. However, if you’re not convinced by all the dollars you’re leaving on the table, let’s move on and talk about more reasons why your business needs a mobile commerce plan now.

Your Business Needs a Mobile Commerce Plan Because:

1. Mobile is always on – People who use mobile devices keep them close by, many even near their bedside while sleeping. At no other time in history has business had more access to their consumers than now. Mobile brings one-to-one marketing to an entirely new level that it pays to take advantage of.

2. Mobile is overtaking the market – Mobile devices are currently outselling personal computers and will soon overtake them completely. If you aren’t involved in mobile commerce in some way, such as by creating mobile responsive websites, your business will be left behind the curve and you’ll miss out on sales.

3. Mobile offers personalized service – Via mobile devices, business owners can offer more personalized service than at any other time in the history of commerce. Having direct access to the buyer is an historic event for commerce in general.

4. Mobile enables easy social media integration – Via mobile commerce, your business can take advantage of social media integration and explode their sales. Offering a way for a customer to share the purchase they just made with all their friends is a new way for the public to keep up with the Joneses – a way has never been matched throughout history.

5. Mobile allows for comparison shopping – Because of apps that allow mobile users to easily compression shop, retailers need to be aware that even if a customer comes into the store, they can easily be led out by someone who has a mobile plan in place that allows them to check prices of an item via an app on their mobile device. It’s better that consumers are using your app than your competitors’!

6. Determining customer satisfaction is simple – It’s impossible to know how satisfied customers are just by looking at sales. While sales numbers show part of the picture, you won’t really know what your consumers think if you don’t ask them. By engaging customers via their mobile apps, at the time they’re using them, you’ll be able to clue into what encourages purchases. It’s not always based on price.

You don’t have to give up your bricks and mortar store to enjoy the benefits of eCommerce and implement a mobile commerce plan. All of these technologies simply complement what you already offer, expanding your reach and increasing sales.

Engaging your customers and potential customers via their mobile devices by implementing a comprehensive mobile commerce plan will increase your sales and your bottom line – even if you can’t compete on price with companies like or QVC (the two top mobile retailers of 2012). Satisfied customers are more likely to purchase again, even if price is not a factor. The entire shopping experience is considered. What experience are your customers having?