Six Easy Formats for Your Videos

Posted by Webmaster - September 5, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Videos come in many different forms. For marketers, the best formats are those that are relatively easy to create, while still looking professional and having a strong impact. Here are six such formats you can choose from. You can use just one format for all your videos, or mix things up to keep your audience guessing.

==> #1: Whiteboard with Text

Stand in front of a whiteboard. Present your material, then write out notes on the whiteboard as you talk.

You can use speed acceleration to speed through some of the more complex or drawn-out drawings.

Make sure you look into the camera for the majority of the presentation and not at the whiteboard.

==> #2: Prezi Animation

Prezi is a popular video animation program that’s very easy to use. It allows you to zoom in and out of images and create very cool transitions.

The basic version of Prezi is free. You can use Prezi to create highly professional and visually stunning presentations. Learning the software shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

==> #3: Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is quite complex to create. Unless you already have the skill in-house, it’s probably something you’ll want to outsource.

That said, stop motion animations can look incredible. They can also be very compelling when used in sales presentations.

Basically, stop motion is where you have hand-drawn graphics that look like they’re animating concepts. You can use this to demonstrate what you’re talking about, while keeping people visually entertained.

==> #4: You on Camera

Another common way of doing these videos is to just have yourself be on camera. Talk passionately about your topic as you look straight at your audience.

You could also be on camera with someone else. This person could be interviewing you, you could be interviewing them or you could tag-team the video.

==> #5: Screencasts

A screencast, or a screen capture is a great way to do videos in technical markets or when you have something you can demonstrate on screen.

It shows people you know what you’re talking about. It also allows you to clearly illustrate concepts and techniques in real time.

Don’t use screencasts unless you really have something to show.

==> #6: PowerPoint Presentations

If you already know PowerPoint, then one of the easiest ways to create a presentation is to simply turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video. You can create some very good-looking presentations using just PowerPoint.

These are six different ways you can create your videos. Some work better for specific topics. For example, you might sell a piece of software with a screencast while selling the consulting for that software with a whiteboard presentation. Talk to your team and talk to your audience to get a better sense for which format(s) would work best.