Simple Ways to Include SMS Marketing in Your Email Campaigns

Posted by Webmaster - November 24, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Integrating your email marketing with SMS marketing is like giving an already fast car a nitro booster. Email marketing is already one of the most effective ways to increase lifetime customer value. When you throw in SMS marketing, you take your whole marketing apparatus to a completely different level.

So how do you include SMS marketing in your email campaigns?

==> Text for a Coupon Code

In your email marketing, or on your checkout page, let people know that there’s a special coupon people can get by texting your opt-in number.

For example, they might text DISCOUNT to your SMS marketing number. They’ll receive a coupon code that gives them 30% off their order. Most people would be thrilled to get a discount like this.

As long as you’re not losing money, this is a fantastic way to get a lot of SMS subscribers quickly.

==> Opt-Out Checkbox

When you’re giving something away for free online, or registering people for a free event, have a checkbox on your site that says “Text me updates or promotions.” Make sure the box is checked by default. People can uncheck if they don’t want to receive notifications.

Don’t do this with paid product sign-ups, as adding an extra step could decrease conversions. But adding this checkbox to your sign-up process could be a fantastic way to build your promotional SMS list.

==> Last Minute Updates and Reminders

Your SMS messages should never be the primary carrier for your marketing message. Emails are a much more effective selling mechanism.

The power of SMS comes in its instantaneous nature. It’s also impossible to ignore. So it’s a much better tool for sending reminders than marketing messages.

Use your SMS messages to send last minute reminders for time-sensitive deals. Use them to remind people about upcoming events.

==> Time Your SMS Messages after Emails

If you’re doing something particularly important via email, like launching a new product, use SMS messages to give your email opens a boost.

For example, you might text your subscribers: “Just sent you an email, think you’ll like it.” Or “Urgent: Things changed, details in email.”

Again, you don’t want to use SMS messages as a stand-alone marketing tool. But in conjunction with email marketing, it can be very powerful.

SMS marketing takes email marketing to a whole different level. Instead of “I’ll read it whenever I read it,” you get people’s attention right away. You get people to act, now.

Be very careful about only messaging people who want to receive your messages. Make sure you don’t burn out your SMS list by texting too many promotional messages. Use your list sporadically and it can be a nice conversion booster for many years to come.