Secrets to Joint Venture Teleseminars

Posted by Webmaster - September 3, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Joint venture teleseminar are one of the best ways to introduce a new person (you) to an established audience. Remember, when you do a JV, you’re basically using someone else’s credibility to “jump” you ahead. Their list doesn’t know you, but they trust you because you come recommended.

A JV teleseminar does this even better than an email. People get to hear your JV partner’s excitement about you. They also get to hear your voice, which allows them to feel what you’re all about much stronger than just through text.

So how do you make the JV teleseminar work?

==> Begin by “Hooking the End” Early

Early in the teleseminar, tell them something that you’re going to cover. Keep referencing this thing throughout the call.

For example, let’s say you’re on a call about networking. Early on, tell them there’s one tip you can give them that’ll make it possible for them to meet anyone in the world. It’s how you met Donald Trump and Bill Gates.

Then, move on.

The idea is to build a lot of value in one idea or tip that you’ll share at the end. That way, people will have to stay on the call to hear what that idea is.

==> Use Social Proof Early On

Start your call by having everyone say “Hi.” Unmute everyone at once and just have them say “Hi” or where they’re from. If you have even just 30 callers, this will sound like an uproar. It’ll sound like a packed call.

==> Work on Your Intro

With your JV partner, work on how you’ll be introduced. Your introduction should play you up, make you sound credible and make you sound like the best thing since sliced bread. Your JV partner will of course want to have a lot of say about what goes into the intro, but help out whenever possible and let them know what the most credible parts of your story are.

==> Take Turns Delivering Content

Throughout the call, you should both be delivering content. Perhaps you might talk for 10 minutes, then your JV partner talks about a different idea for 10 minutes. Alternatively, you might just pass the baton every minute or two as you bounce ideas back and forth.

By the end of the call, people should like and trust both of you.

==> Selling at the End

Reserve the last 5 to 15 minutes or so for the sale. The sale should be delivered primarily by one person, but the other person should be there to add excitement or social proof. This is one part of the call you definitely want to work out together beforehand.

A great JV teleseminar should be informative and exciting. It should generate a lot of goodwill with your audience, as well as generate a lot of sales.