Responsibilities and Duties of a Social Media Manager

Posted by Webmaster - February 19, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

The duties and responsibilities of a social media manager are many. A good social media manager must be ready to juggle all sorts of job-related tasks and sport a non-traditional work ethic. Many work all day, some work all night and most, if not all, will have some type of social media activity going on both day and night.

While the list of duties and responsibilities seem to be never ending, if you are passionate about what you do, it can be fun, exciting and very fulfilling. A good social media manager can make a great living doing what they love to do!

Here are some duties and responsibilities that a social media manager performs.

* Work with each client to determine what their goals are for implementing social media into their overall marketing strategy.

* Understand who their target market is and then market to that group in ways that attract new customers.

* Create a plan and a budget for social media activities

* Create and manage social media campaigns tailored to the specific needs of the client

* Create and post content, videos and other material to help build traffic, awareness and rapport with viewers

* Connect with like-minded businesses and explore ways to use the connects to expand your client