Podcasting – A Powerful and Consistent Way to Build Brand

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Podcasting is an extremely powerful way to build a brand. Just the fact that you have a podcast is often enough to skyrocket your perceived credibility.

The trick to podcasting success is to get your consistency and audience in hand. If you’re able to consistently put out A+ material while attracting an audience, then your podcast can drastically improve your business and build your brand.

==> Are You and Your Business Suited for Podcasting?

Generally, arenas geared more towards consumers rather than businesses tend to do better in podcasting. For example, it’s much easier to podcast about saving money than it is to podcast about repairing office machines.

That said, the vast majority of businesses can benefit from podcasting. Ask yourself whether you could say something interesting about this topic, every week. If so, then your business can do very well through podcasting.

The more important question is whether or not you personally are suited to podcasting. The key is whether or not you can be authentic and relaxed in front of a microphone. If so, you’ll probably do well. If you’re tensed or need to act out a script, however, you probably won’t.

The best way to find out is to do a test run before investing time and money into the project. Just try to record a podcast or two on your phone or computer and see how it sounds.

==> Sound Quality

The easiest way to get started with podcasting is through an iPhone mic or a high end Android mic. These microphones are surprisingly high quality.

Once you’ve gotten serious, you’ll want to get a professional set of equipment. That means getting a mic that focuses on your voice, rather than picking up on ambient noise. You’ll need a mixer, so you can add in sounds and change levels as you record. You’ll also want some software.

Don’t let lack of equipment stop you. You can definitely get by on next to no equipment until you have at least a few hundred listeners.

==> Consistency

The key to putting out a great podcast is consistency – consistency both in terms of content quality and content frequency.

People who listen to your podcast will expect to get content from you on a regular, consistent basis. That expectation is embedded in the word “podcasting” as opposed to an “audio download.”

Let users know how often they can expect to hear from you. It’s fine if you only release once a week; just make sure it’s consistent and make sure the quality is high every time.

==> Marketing a Podcast

One of the best ways to advertise a podcast is by calling into or being interviewed by other podcasts. If you run a travel podcast, get on other travel podcasts and slip in your podcast’s URL.

Try to get other bloggers to write about you. Make sure you’re in the right category, as your eventual goal is to show up in the top lists of your category. That’s when the iTunes traffic will come flooding in.

Doing a podcast is a great way to build your brand. Just make sure you have the voice, the passion and the commitment to consistency before you start.