PLR versus Resell: Understanding the Difference

Posted by Webmaster - April 14, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

You can purchase content on the internet to help you with your website or blog. There are different kinds of content that is for sale here. Learn about them all so that you understand what you are purchasing. Here, we will discuss PLR versus resell rights.

What Is PLR?

PLR means Private Label Rights. A company is creating content for your use. When you buy it, you are also being given the rights to use it as you see fit. This means that as the buyer, you can alter it in any way and even add your own name and links to it.

The benefit of using PLR in your business is that it takes the pain out of continually updating your website with new content. You can upload the finished articles and schedule them for publication on your website. The process takes less time than if you were to create the articles and other content yourself.

Now, because PLR offers the buyer all the rights, they can sell to as many people as they want. This can be a downfall of this invention. If too many people are posting the same exact article on the internet, someone is going to get dinged for duplication.

To solve this problem, change your content. You own all the rights to it. Add unique information to the content to make it yours. This way, it is less likely to anger the search engine gods.

What Are Resell Rights?

This part is a bit more complicated. Sometimes, content providers offer to sell you resell rights. There are two types: resell rights and master resell rights.

Resell rights are offered by the seller and they give you, the buyer, the right to resell the content that you have just purchased. The catch is that you cannot alter the content in any way. For instance, if you buy an eBook about organic gardening, you can sell it to your customers but it must retain the name of the original author and cannot be altered in any way.

Master resell rights are similar to resell rights but with a twist. You still cannot add your name or alter the content in any way. But, those who buy the content from you have the option to resell it to others. You can offer them those rights