Outsourcing Your Website Design and Updates

Posted by Webmaster - September 18, 2014 - Blog - No Comments

Creating websites that get results if youíre not a web designer can be done with the technology available today. You can use website builders, and even self-hosted WordPress to do it yourself. However, if you really want to leverage other peopleís time so that you can create a balanced and viable business for yourself, you should consider outsourcing your website design and updates to professionals.

Evaluate Your Skills

More than likely if youíre thinking of outsourcing website design and updates, you realize that youíre lacking in the skills needed to do it right. It may take you months to do what someone else can do in just a few hours. Be honest about your abilities, and find someone to fill the holes in what you know versus what you donít know.

Develop a Budget

Before you look at any company or individual to create your website, itís important to know what your budget is. If you have a small budget, maybe you can do part of what you want now, and part later. Donít let a small budget stop you.

Leverage Your Efficiencies

There is a small chance you can do it yourself but it is probably still worth outsourcing it. You may be really good at website design, but itís not your main bread and butter. Doing your own design is going to take away from your ability to do what it is that makes the money. Let other people do what they are efficient in and you do what youíre efficient in.

Know What Type of CMS You Need

You might not know what itís called, but you do know what you want it to do. Be able to describe how you want your content management system to function so that you can describe it to the person or company youíre outsourcing to. If you donít know what you want, it will be hard for your contractor to deliver.

Know What Technology You Need

You should know if you need a shopping cart, an email list, or other technology. Even if you donít know the names, show your contractor examples of functions you want on your own website. For instance, if you have a food blog, you may want your visitors to be able to print off recipes in a particular format Ė tell your designer.

Choose the Right Professionals

Interview several contractors, ask to see samples, talk to them to figure out if you like the way they work. Do you need someone who just follows instructions or do you want someone who takes charge because youíre not sure what you want? Choosing the right professional to help you get what you want and need for your website design.

The Lowest Price Isnít Always Better

Donít assume that you can get by with cheap design and have it work. Sometimes you will get lucky and find someone that you consider inexpensive who delivers excellent results, but more than likely if you go for the cheapest price youíll get the cheapest results.

Remember You Need Ongoing Help

Itís not supposed to be one-and-done deal when it comes to a website. The truth is a website needs ongoing backups, security updates, content updates, and so forth. Theyíll also need a redesign at some point. These things might not be done by the original person or even the same person.

Outsourcing your website design is a really important way to get a terrific website up and running in no time. You can avoid the stress that trying to do it yourself can create and avoid the problems associated with lack of skill. And even if you have the skill, you can leverage other peopleís skill to focus on what your business is really about.