Outsourcing Video Marketing: It’s Time-Consuming, But It Doesn’t Have to Be Your Time

Posted by Webmaster - September 1, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

One of the biggest qualms people have with doing video marketing is the time investment. It can literally take a week or two just to shoot and produce a short video. Longer videos can take longer still. If you’re running a business, how can you possibly find that kind of time to dedicate to a video?

The answer: you don’t need to.

Yes, video production is time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be your time. Here’s how to outsource the vast majority of your video production time.

==> Writing the Script

Don’t write your own script. Yes, you’ll probably still want to edit it so it sounds like your own voice. But you don’t want to spend hours and days writing your own script from scratch.

Have someone on your staff write it, or outsource it to a competent copywriter online. The person writing your script should understand both sales and the content you’re presenting.

==> Video and Audio Equipment Set-Up

Don’t spend hours researching the best microphone for your camera. Don’t try to set up your own lighting equipment for your office. Don’t be the audio / video set-up guy.

Again, have someone on your staff do it. Even if you don’t have someone who knows audio and video, that’s fine – just have someone else do the research. It shouldn’t be you.

By the time you walk into the recording room, everything should be all set up for you.

==> Recording – This Is You

Of course, if you are your brand, the only person that can actually appear on camera is you. This part can’t be outsourced.

Because the script, the second and everything that comes after recording is outsourced, you’ll be able to give the recording your full attention and energy. Give it your all.

==> Editing the Videos

Video editing is perhaps the most time-consuming process of all. The editor needs to play, replay and re-replay the videos over and over again as they try to piece together the most compelling version of the video possible.

This part absolutely, positively should be outsourced. You can easily find someone on Elance who’ll do it for next to nothing. You can also hire professionals or students nearby.

==> Graphics and Effects

Want graphics to go on your DVD? Or want special effects at the beginning of your video? Or perhaps you want a simple intro tune?

All of this can be outsourced as well.

==> Finishing Up

Finally, the video needs to be rendered, uploaded to a video hosting site, embedded in your squeeze or sales page and then tested. All of this should also be outsourced. Even embedding and making sure things work can take a lot of time.

All in all, in a video project that takes 100 hours to complete, no more than 5 to 10 of those hours should be yours. If you handle your video production in this way, it won’t be draining at all. It can be a productive and profitable part of your business.