Online Profile Building 101

Posted by Webmaster - March 16, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Knowing how to build rock-solid profiles online is a valuable skill in many ways. Websites like LinkedIn for example can help you make career-launching contacts. On websites where you do business deals online, like buying and selling links, websites or domains, you usually need some sort of profile as well.

Really, just about any online network involves having some sort of profile. Knowing how to create a compelling and professional profile will help you establish trust, get more clients as a provider or get better service as a buyer.

Here are a few of the most important things that go into creating an online profile.

==> A High Quality, Professional Photo

People do judge a book by its cover. Before they’ve read your profile and before they’ve read anything you say, people are already going to be forming impressions of you based on how you look in your photo.

Aim to have a high quality, professional, high resolution photo for online profiles.

Ideally you should be wearing a suit and tie, or for women a suit jacket or blazer. The image should be crisp and it should be color corrected.

If you don’t have such a photo yet, go out of your way to take one. It makes a difference.

==> Focus on References

Your references will make or break you. Each social network’s referencing system works slightly differently, but by and large most communities have some sort of referencing system.

On LinkedIn for example, the references are called “recommendations.” The more positive recommendations you have, the more solid your LinkedIn profile looks.

On the other hand, on the domain buying and selling forum NamePros, they use a system called iTrader. ITrader allows users to record feedback for one another for every transaction conducted.

No matter what the reference system looks like, do everything in your power to get as many compelling references as you can. People lend a lot more weight to these references than what someone says about themselves.

==> Your Personal Description

Finally, your description is where you really get the chance to come out and make your case.

Try to touch on the most compelling things about you and what you have to offer. Use credibility-enhancing statements, such as talking about how many satisfied clients you have or any news outlets that you’ve been featured in.

Try to make your profile sound as professionally compelling as possible. However, try to also drop in just one or two little personal tidbits. This will help humanize you and set you out from the crowd.

These are the three most important elements of creating a compelling online profile on any website or online community. If you have a professional-looking photo, overwhelmingly positive references and a credibility-building description with a hint of personality, then you’ve nailed the online profile.