Lessons from Leaders in Mobile Marketing

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The best way to learn anything is from watching what the leaders in the industry do to be successful. You may not have as large a budget as them, or understand as much as them, but you can repeat what they do on your own scale and experience a lot of success. You can learn a lot of lessons from leaders in mobile marketing.

* TradeMob – This is a group of self-described, “geeks, tech nerds, and mobile marketing specialists”. They have a blog that can help keep you up to date on all things mobile marketing. You can download case studies, eBooks, white papers, and even partner with them on projects. You can learn a lot from them as leading mobile app marketing specialists.

Link to blog – http://www.trademob.com/

* ASO Professional with Gabriel Machuret – Learn all about app store optimization with Gabriel. Take courses; learn how to increase your ranking, and more. In a recent interview he suggested that it’s important to keep the same social profile picture of yourself through all channels so that people know who you are. You can learn a lot from interviews of the movers and shakers involved in mobile marketing today.

ASO Professional – http://www.asoprofessional.com/
Interviews – http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com/podcast/gabriel-machuret-interview-of-internetninja-com-au-with-john-lee-dumas-of-entrepreneur-on-fire/

* Mobile Mixed – This is a great blog to read (well listen to, as most are podcasts) if you want to learn more about mobile marketing and how to make it work. Greg Hickman is the creator and host of the podcast and he and his guests offer a lot of insight into mobile marketing. He’s worked with professionals and helped run a lot of important campaigns.

Link to Mobile Mixed – http://mobilemixed.com/

* Barbara Bamba – She’s a mobile marketing coach, and is very excited about mobile marketing’s future. She says that advertisers have 100 percent control over mobile marketing in terms of targeting, and knowing what is working and what is not working.

* Tomer Hen – He became a success at only 19 years of age, often employing people much older than him in his mobile marketing company. He believes the reason for his success is that he has the courage to get things done. You can learn a lot by paying attention to what is happening around you and to pay attention to what is happening in your industry. Plus, you need to know what you’re worth and make sure others do too.

Link to Tomer Hen – http://en.mobilecollege.co.il/Pages/Show/1

* Cindy Krum – She’s the founder of MobileMoxie.com, and a mobile marketing expert. She’s the author of “Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are”. She’s a real mobile marketing guru and legend and you can learn more from her than almost anyone. Read this awesome interview to learn as much as you can from her.

MobileMoxie – http://www.mobilemoxie.com/
Mobile Marketing book – http://www.amazon.com/Mobile-Marketing-Finding-Customers-Biz-Tech-ebook/dp/B0035IIBS2
Interview – http://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/blog/search-engine-optimization/lets-get-mobile-cindy-krum/

Finding leaders in mobile marketing to learn from isn’t difficult, but knowing which advice to follow and what not to follow will depend on your own audience, budget, skill level and desire. Mobile marketing is not going away; mobile is outselling PCs by leaps and bounds and if you’re involved in marketing anything anywhere, you need to learn all you can about mobile marketing.