Landing High Profile Guest Blog Spots

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High profile guest blog posts are the holy grail of guest blogging. Sure, you can blog for small blogs all day long, but that won’t have nearly the impact of landing just one high profile guest blog post.

So how do you land these high profile guest blog posts?

==> Make Your Own Site A+

When someone lets you guest blog for their site, they’re implicitly endorsing you. They’re not going to do that unless your own website is truly top notch.

In other words, make sure the content on your site provides immense value. Make sure your design looks highly professional.

Make sure someone who sees your blog will think of you as an authority and would want to partner with you.

==> Look for Sites That Have Accepted Guest Posts

If a site has never accepted a guest post in its history, you might have a hard time convincing them to accept yours. On the other hand, if they’ve been consistently publishing one or two posts by other authors every month, you might have a very good chance.

One simple way to figure out whether or not a site accepts guest posts is to type in [ “guest post”] in Google. This will bring up all entries that have the words “guest post” on a specific site. If there are no results, try a few more queries like “guest author.”

If you can’t find any guest blog posts, it’s best to focus on a different site.

==> Start Building a Connection

While you can just approach the site out of the blue, it’s often better to try to build a connection first.

Start commenting on their blog a month before you want to request a guest blog post. Answer their questions and aim to become an active member of their community. Contribute.

Do the same with Twitter. Retweet things that they tweeted. @reply to them when they ask a question.

Get yourself on their radar.

==> Landing the Guest Blog Spot

Finally, send them an email outlining your proposal.

Try to come up with three topics that you think their audience will love. Tailor each request to the blog specifically. Don’t mass-send. Instead, come up with topics you think their specific audience would benefit from.

Let them know that it’s easy to publish your article and that it won’t be republished anywhere else. All you ask for is a link back to your website.

Remember that blog authors need content as much as you want to get content published. By giving them a high quality blog post, you’re saving them as much as a day by not having to write their own content.

What you’re proposing is a win/win, as long as you have enough trust and quality.

That’s how to land high profile guest blog posts!