How to Use Your Personality to Attract Like Minded People

Posted by Webmaster - November 17, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Personality marketing is like a magnet. When you do it right, your tribe, “your kind of people” will naturally feel gravitated towards you. Conversely, you’ll also often polarize people away from you. But at the end of the day, your audience size will grow much faster and with much more momentum.

How can you use your personality to attract like minded people?

==> Fine Tune Your In Person Radar

When you meet someone in person and get the feeling that this person is like you, pay attention to that feeling. Some people call this rapport, some people call it “clicking” with another person.

The more strongly you express your personality, the more likely you are to click with people. What you’re really looking for is a sense of kinship that feels strong, without reason. Chances are these are “your people.”

==> Actively Contact People Online, Personally

Get in the habit of reaching out and connecting with other people on a regular basis. Send people personal emails that are laced with personality.

For example, let’s say you run a blog. You notice in your blog comments that someone else is commenting on your blog regularly. You think there might be a win / win way you two could work together.

Send them an email. Make it personal. If your personality is funny and casual, make your email funny and casual. Let your personality shine through. It’s very hard to ignore a personality filled email.

==> Use Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for strong personalities. If you can fit your personality into 140 characters, you can really go a long way. Twitter is really all about sending out tweets that people want to follow. And people love following characters who’re fun to read.

If you have a strong personality, use Twitter. Try to get your personality to come across in your actual tweets, not just in the content linked to on your website.

==> Always Say Yes

Your personality will open doors. Always say yes when those doors open.

For example, if you have an extravagant personality, you might get invited to show up for a morning radio show. Say yes. You never know what might come of it.

If you have a professor like personality, you might be invited to speak on stage. Again, say yes. Doing so will put your personality in front of even more people, which will open even more doors.

Strong personalities begets opportunity, which begets more opportunities. Let your personality open doors for you by saying yes.

If you really let your personality shine and follow up consistently, you’ll pretty soon be surrounded by like minded people who you love working with. That’s when your business or your career will really take off.