How to Make a Squidoo Lens

Posted by Webmaster - March 6, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Of all the article submission websites in the world, Squidoo ranks among the top. In addition to holding your article, Squidoo does a whole lot more.

It supports a range of different types of multimedia and content types. It has a very active community that revolves around the site. Finally, Google looks upon Squidoo very favorably, even after the Panda update.

So how do you make a Squidoo lens?

==> Getting Started

To get started, just head to Squidoo and click “Make a Lens.” You can access the lens creation page from the front page, or any existing Squidoo lens.

You’ll be taken to the lens creation wizard. The wizard will take you through the step by steps of creating your first lens.

First, you’ll be required to create an account. Try to come up with a memorable name that reflects well on your brand.

Then you’ll be asked to create the URL for your lens. The URL should be short and easy to remember. It should be descriptive, so people who look at the URL will instantly know what it’s about. It should contain your main keywords, so search engines know what your page is about.

==> Creating a Quality Lens

Start with your lens’ title. Your title plays a crucial role, because it’s the first thing a user sees. It’s what sets the first impression for your lens and colors the entire user experience.

Write a title that’s both descriptive and attention catching. Remember that this title is also what appears at the top of your search engine results listing, so make sure it has the power to get someone to click.

Use a variety of different media in your lens. Squidoo lenses aren’t just about text – they’re about blending all kinds of different ingredients to create a truly unique resource.

Make sure to add as much content as you can. Having one Squidoo lens that’s packed with top-notch content is much better than having five mediocre ones.

Be passionate when you write. People can tell the difference between a lens that was created without much care and a lens that had a lot go into it.

==> Promote Your Lens

Just creating a lens isn’t enough. You also need to promote your lens. Get traffic to it and get people to see your lens.

The first place to do this is through the Squidoo community. Start participating in discussions in your industry. This will get people to come and check out what else you’re up to.

Put some SEO effort into your lens. Build backlinks to your lens so it’ll rank higher in the search engines.

Creating a great Squidoo lens can help you build your company’s brand, get more traffic to your website and establish you as an expert in the field. If you’ve never created a lens before, you might find that it’s easier than you imagined.