How to Find Affiliate Products That Sell Well

Posted by Webmaster - March 5, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

In affiliate marketing, you almost never want to try to sell untested products or products that aren’t already performing well for other marketers. Instead, you want to find products that already have a proven track record.

Why? Because those products have already been shown to convert. You know that if you send traffic to those products, chances are you’ll make money. Also, those products often already have solid brands behind them, making it even easier to promote them.

Here’s how to find affiliate products that sell well for physical products, digital products and for CPA offers.

==> Physical Products

The best way to find physical affiliate products that sell well is to head over to and take a look at their bestseller lists.

You can look at the overall bestseller lists, or you can go into a specific subcategory.

For example, let’s say you run a cooking website. To find appliances like blenders or waffle makers to promote, just head on over to Amazon’s cooking section.

Look for the top selling products in the category. Chances are those products will perform very well.

==> Digital Products

The best place to find high converting digital products is ClickBank. In addition to being the largest online repository of digital products, ClickBank’s statistics make it very easy to figure out which products are selling well.

The primary gauge of whether or not a product is doing well is its “gravity” option. Look for high gravity products. Any product with over 100 gravity is guaranteed to have a strong conversion rate.

Make sure that in addition to looking at the gravity numbers, you also take a first-hand look at the sales page and the product. Make sure it’ll mesh well with your audience and that the core message of the product matches yours.

==> CPA Offers

Finding high converting CPA offers is much more difficult than finding high converting physical or digital product. Unlike other products, CPA offers don’t have a centralized way of finding statistics.

Sure, you have search engines like OfferVault and affiliate networks that offer EPC (earnings per click) data. Some affiliates try to find high converting offers by sorting for the highest EPC.

Unfortunately, this is horribly inaccurate. Since so many affiliates are promoting the product through both low EPC methods like PPV and high EPC methods like PPC, the EPC numbers are more or less completely unreliable.

So what’s the best way of finding profitable CPA offers?

The answer is through internet forums. Specifically, internet forums such as WickedFire that are frequented by CPA marketers. These marketers will rarely reveal the specific offer on the specific network they’re promoting, but if you browse the forums you’ll find that top offers are often mentioned.

Once you have a sense of which offers are doing well, you need to split test several versions of that offer between different affiliate networks to find the highest payout and conversion rate.

That’s how to find profitable physical, digital and CPA offers to promote.