How to Contract a Fulfillment House

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One of the biggest tripping points information marketers have about selling tangible products is fulfillment. How do you produce all the products you plan on selling? How do have them shipped to your customers?

The answer is to contract a fulfillment house. Here’s what you need to know.

==> Before You Use a Fulfillment House…

It’s generally a good idea to start out producing your own products and shipping them by hand. As long as you’re selling less than about ten units a day, this method is quite realistic.

Most fulfillment houses have minimum shipment requirements. If you don’t fulfill those requirements, this is a good way to build your business up.

Also, doing it by hand gives you a more intimate feel of the fulfillment process early on.

==> Getting Around Minimums

What if you want to start working with a fulfillment house but don’t meet their requirements yet?

Give them a call. Talk to them. Explain that you’re serious about building your business and you expect to more than exceed their minimums in the near future.

Ask them to open an account for you anyway. Tell them you’ll be a loyal customer if they do. More often than not, they’ll give you the account.

==> Look for In-House Printing

Some fulfillment houses are only there to ship your products for you. You have to use another company to print your CDs, DVDs and binder content.

On the other hand, there are many fulfillment houses that cater especially to information marketers. These fulfillment houses will actually produce the products for you, as well as manage all the shipping to customers.

Try to work with one of these companies. It’ll save you a lot of headache from having to go back and forth between companies.

==> How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple. Whenever you want to produce a new product, you just create a prototype. For example, if you’re producing an 8 DVD product, you’d create that product once by hand.

Send that product to the fulfillment house. Those DVDs become the master copy.

Along with your DVDs, make sure you send them the artwork for the CD covers and the binder as well.

The fulfillment house will then send you back a proof of the product. That’s what one finished product from them will look like. Put it in your DVD player to make sure it works.

Most fulfillment companies charge a per-item rate. For example, printing and shipping an 8 DVD set might cost you $22 apiece. Some fulfillment houses also charge a monthly fee or have a monthly minimum payment amount.

Try to find a company that you trust and can build a relationship with. Your fulfillment house isn’t just a shipping company, but a partner in your business’ success.