Herb Gardening for Money

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There are so many things that you can make or grow at home that can actually bring you some income. Herb gardening is one of these things, especially when it comes to high quality culinary herbs. They are easy to grow, take up little space, and people are always on the lookout for great herbs.

What Herbs to Grow

* Popular in Your Area – To be successful in selling your herbs, you want to make sure that you are offering a product that is in demand in your area. Take a look at your potential competition, grocery stores, and other places where herbs are being sold and pay attention to what herbs are most in demand.

* What Grows Well – Learning what herbs will grow the best in your area will also be helpful when planning out your herb garden. Do your research before you begin and figure out if you are going to be growing indoors or outdoors, and how to set up your herb garden for maximum production.

* Forms of Herbs – Another good thing to think about is how you plan on packaging your herbs, and what forms you will sell them in. Some ideas are selling dried herbs, fresh sprigs, and also small potted herb plants.

How and Where To Sell

* Proper Licensing – Depending on where you live, you may have to go through a little bit of legal yellow tape to be able to sell your herbs. You will need to set yourself up as a business, acquire proper licensing, and you may even have to get your garden area inspected. These rules will differ from state to state, but it is best to do your research so that you are not skipping any vital steps to avoid getting in any trouble.

* Farmer’s Markets – Farmer’s markets are an excellent place to set up a small booth and sell your herbs. People that frequent farmer’s markets are usually looking for the freshest local produce that they can find. Also, you will have the added benefit of being right there when they are doing their shopping for meal planning.

* Flea Markets – Although it might sound a little outside of the box, flea markets are also a great place to sell herbs. First of all, the herbs smell great, so your stand will attract tons of people walking by. Secondly, people often go to flea markets with cash in their pockets, ready to buy.

* Produce Stands – Whether you set up right next to a produce stand, or set up a partnership for a produce stand to sell your product for you, this could be a great marketing opportunity. Depending on where you live, and the rules in your area, you could even set up a sign and/or stand out in your own yard for people to come to you for great fresh herbs.

* Local Groceries – If there are any locally owned, smaller grocery stores in your area, approach them about selling your herbs. Show them that you have all of your proper licensing and inspections, and that you are a legitimate grower, and bring some samples for them to see your packaging and the freshness of your product. It is pretty easy to market anything that is fresh and local, especially high quality culinary herbs.

Herb gardening for money could be a very lucrative business to run out of your own home. There are many places that you can sell them, and they are not difficult to grow and maintain. Start by doing your research and finding out the best places in your area to sell.