Guest Blogging for PageRank

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Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build PageRank. There’s no shortage of PR 2, PR 3 or even PR 4 sites out there looking for high quality content. In fact, once you’ve built up a bit of a reputation, you may even get a few PR 5 backlinks through guest blogging.

How do you get PageRank using guest blogging?

==> The Easiest Method

The easiest method to get PR 2 to PR 4 guest blogging backlinks is to use MyBlogGuest.

MyBlogGuest is a free internet forum where webmasters who want guest bloggers go to look for guest bloggers. Guest bloggers who want to write for other people use the site to find sites to blog on.

In any given category, you can expect five or more new webmasters on the site looking for guest bloggers.

Make sure you visit each of these sites before you submit a proposal. Take a look at the number of other links the site is linking to. Take a look at the level of quality of the content. Is this a site you want to be associated with?

With PageRank-oriented guest blogging, you’ll be playing a numbers game. Instead of always going for quality, sometimes you just want to get as many PR2 and PR3 links as possible.

==> Systematize It!

The bottleneck for generating medium PageRank links from guest blogging won’t be a lack of webmasters who’ll let you guest blog for them. Instead, the bottleneck will most likely be your production capacity.

It’s not at all unlikely that you could get as many as ten web masters to agree to let you guest blog for them every week. That’s 40 PR 2 to PR 4 links every month. Keep that up for a few months and your PageRank will skyrocket.

However, you’ll have a tough time keeping up with that kind of volume unless you’re dedicating yourself just to guest blogging.

It’s not just the writing of articles. It’s also continually browsing MyBlogGuest for new opportunities. It’s pitching your site. It’s keeping track of who’s replied and who hasn’t. It’s writing the actual content. It’s then tracking all your pieces of content to make sure the site owner actually put it up.

Instead of just juggling all this work, systematize it.

Create a list of all the active “connections” you have with the other site owners. Make notes about who you’ve contacted and where you are in the process of getting linked to.

Systematize your content. Yes, for high PageRank links and high traffic links you’ll absolutely want to write your own content and knock it out of the park. But for PR 2 and PR 3 links, often time’s you can have another author handle the content for you.

One great way to reduce your workload is to just hire a great writer to write ten articles for you on your topic. Then, just pitch those already written articles to site owners.

Guest blogging for PageRank is all about systematizing the process of getting moderate and occasionally high PageRank links.