Freelance Burnout Survival Techniques

Posted by Webmaster - December 12, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

There comes a point in time where almost every freelancer experiences a burnout feeling. Sometimes the mere thought of one more assignment from any client is not at all appealing and at times you may find yourself putting your work on the back burner. This can have a terribly negative impact on your career, your income and your client experience.

What can you do when you feel you can no longer deal with your job and your clients, and you can no longer handle one more project?

Here are some survival techniques that should help you get through this temporary burnout phase.

Determine the underlying cause of your burnout. Could it be that you are doing the wrong type of work? Should you be focusing on another niche instead of what you are doing?

Too much work and not enough play – this certainly makes for a dull life. You need to be doing more than sitting at the computer 24/7. Give yourself frequent breaks and set hours for your business. Don