Everything You Need to Know about Flyering

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Flyering is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for local businesses. Flyering includes pizza shop door hangers to nightclub flyers and everything in between. Flyering gets an advertisement for your business in a customer’s hand. You’re guaranteed to have at least a couple seconds of their attention – more if your flyer does a good job.

This is how to use flyering effectively.

==> The #1 Most Important Thing

The most important thing to think about is distribution.

If you’re selling business card printing services for example, you probably don’t want to flyer a football game. Instead, you want to flyer the financial district.

On the other hand, if you’re a local pizza shop, you may very well want to flyer a football game. Or you might want to flyer your local college campus.

The most important aspect of flyering isn’t the flyer itself, but the distribution. A mediocre flyer with great distribution will do far better than a fantastic flyer that ends up in the wrong hands.

Ask yourself who the ideal buyer is for your product. Where do these people congregate? Where can you flyer to make sure you get your flyer in the right hands?

One note on restaurants and other local retail shops: Generally you want to flyer within a 0.5 or at most 1 mile radius. Many world class marketers have found this to be the most effective radius for local retail businesses.

==> What to Put on the Flyer

Your flyer should have some sort of special offer. For example, “Bring this flyer in for a free appetizer!” Or you could give them 10% off.

Whatever the case may be, people who get your flyer should feel like they’re getting a deal. They’ll go out of their way to take advantage of it.

Your flyer’s offer should be immediately evident upon looking at the flyer. The core message of the flyer should be right up front, in red or bold lettering.

Having a great headline can really make a difference. Write a headline on the flyer that gets people to stop in their tracks and read what you have to say.

==> Distribution Methods

There are a few different ways to get your flyers in people’s hands. Some work better than others, depending on what market you’re in.

You can flyer in person. This works great for places where people of your target market congregate. For example, the financial district.

You can flyer homes. This works great if your target market lives in one area. For example, if you’re a restaurant, you may want to target all the middle class neighborhoods within a 1 mile radius.

You can flyer cars. This is like a hybrid of the above two.

Start your flyering by doing it yourself or leading a team yourself. Once you know what works and what doesn’t, hire someone to do the flyering for you.