Engage Your Website Visitors with a Slide Show

Posted by Webmaster - May 8, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

Visitors are always looking for something new on your website. Truth be told, you are almost certainly also looking for new ways to engage them and keep them coming back. How about a slide show? Keep reading to find out how you can offer information in this new way to your website visitors.

What Is a Slide Show?

A slide show is a series of images displayed one at a time. You can manually control their scrolling rate or set it so that each one is seen for a few seconds before moving on to the next image. They offer another way to show information besides videos.

Presentations are done using slide show format. As you talk, images change on the screen to reflect your current topic. It gives viewers time to read the information and keeps you from having to write it all down as you go along because it is already done for you.

The Benefit of Images

People absorb information at different rates from different sources. For instance, you are reading this article right now, and probably your eyes are moving slowly over the words to make sure that you don