Continuity Programs: Why Every Sales Funnel Should Have One

Posted by Webmaster - September 17, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Every sales funnel should have a continuity program. It could be a $5 a month digital newsletter or it could be a $97 a month supplement and DVD package. It doesn’t matter what market you’re in or who your audience is – having a continuity program is an important part of any good funnel.

Why is continuity so important?

==> A Lot of Revenue for Little Added Risk

Let’s say you’re selling a $97 DVD. To that you add a free 1-month subscription to your monthly program. If they stay, it’s $20 a month.

To the consumer, $20 a month seems like nothing, especially when compared to the $97 purchase. Yet in reality, it adds substantially to your bottom line.

If the average customer stays on for 4 months, that continuity subscription is worth $80 to you. To the customer it only seems like a $20 subscription, but to you it almost doubles your revenues.

Continuity programs add a lot of money to your customer’s lifetime value. But to the customer, it seems like a much smaller decision. That’s one of the great things about having a continuity program.

==> Income You Can Rely On

Continuity is one of the few sources of income that you can really rely on.

Sure, product sales and workshop sales are great – and you may even have a regular flow of them. But it’s very hard to rely on them.

With continuity programs, you know for a fact that every month, you’re going to get a certain amount of sales. That’s money you can use to pay your expenses or invest in other projects.

Marketers who don’t have continuity programs regularly report feeling uncertain about how much they’ll make, even if their monthly income is substantial. Having continuity can alleviate this uncertainty.

==> A Perpetual Goldmine

Each product you make, each email you send, each video you produce has a limited lifetime. Continuity programs, however, have no such lifetime limit.

As long as you continue to provide a high amount of value for every dollar that your customers spend with you, they’ll continue to pay you every month.

Some continuity programs have customers who signed up 2, 5 or even 10 years ago.

==> Managing a Continuity Program

Managing a continuity program is slightly more complex than selling one-time products.

You have to make sure that every month, a high quality product is put out. Sometimes that means you’ll have to be involved with the production of that product.

Some continuity programs are hands off, while others require some upkeep. Try to automate as much of the product creation process as you can and streamline the rest.

Having continuity in your funnel allows you to massively increase your lifetime customer value, allows you have more security and allows you to sell more products without customers feeling like they’ve spent a lot of money.