Choose and Brand a High Quality USP to Compete in Crowded Markets

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Having a fantastic USP will allow you to compete in markets that are otherwise far too saturated. Your USP, or your “Unique Selling Proposition,” is what sets you apart from everyone else. It’s what you put front and center in all your marketing. It’s what gives you the leverage you need to pry your customers away from the grip of existing businesses to come try you out instead.

==> What Exactly Is a USP?

A USP is something that you do that nobody else does. It’s a promise. It’s something that you deliver that when people hear about it, they go “Wow!”

Think of Nordstrom’s 365-day return policy. Or think of Zappos’ free two-way shipping. Or think of Domino’s Pizza’s “hot pizza to your door in 30 minutes or it’s free” marketing campaign.

These are all unique selling propositions. They’re all unique promises or selling points that none of their competitors offer. They fulfill something the customer wants and go above and beyond what most people expect from a business.

==> How to Come Up with Your USP

So how do you come up with your own USP?

Start by looking at your customers’ most common problems. What needs are unfulfilled by the current market?

With the three examples above, the unfilled needs might look something like this:

* Nordstrom: People want to know they made the right decision with buying their clothes.
* Zappos: People are very uncertain about buying online.
* Domino’s: Pizza often takes far too long to get to people.

Write out a list of all the problems your customers commonly experience with other providers. Then try to write out USPs that fulfill that need.

Get the rest of your team on board with brainstorming USPs. Carry a notepad with you and jot down ideas whenever they come up.

==> How to Market Your USP

Once you have your USP, the next step is to really tie that USP with your brand.

Put it on your stationary. Put it on your envelopes, your mail pieces, your boxes, your website, your online marketing, your brochures – really anywhere you possibly can.

Your USP is the primary selling point of your business. It’s what makes you different than everybody else. You want everyone to know about it.

Businesses often talk about branding. Your USP isn’t just a promise, but an actual part of your brand. It’s what people should think of when they think of your brand.

We’ve now covered what a USP is, how to come up with your own and how to use it once you have one. Don’t underestimate the power of this tool – many multi-million dollar businesses have been built on the back of this concept alone.