Ten Tips for WAHMs

Posted by Webmaster - July 4, 2015 - How To Tips - No Comments

Being a Working At Home Mom (WAHM for short) can often turn into a balancing act. The duties of work and home begin to overlap, and often one can take over. Many moms decide to work at home to spend more time with their families, but end up dedicating even more time to work. Here are a few tips to help you juggle.

1. Get organized. Figure out what your goals and priorities are, in your business and in your personal life, then figure out how to achieve them. Then put your house, office, and life in general, together in a way that will help you achieve your goals.

2. Lists, lists, lists. One you have your plans and goals, make to-do lists. Try to organize your lists by priority. If something doesnít get done, it probably wasnít that important anyway.

3. Multitask. At some point, youíre probably going to get burnt out doing things that seem tedious or that you just donít want to do. Try mixing it up. If something is really stressing you out, go on to something else and come back. As a WAHM, thereís always something else that needs to get done.

4. Set work hours, and follow them. Set work hours for times when the kids arenít around, or donít require a lot of attention. When your work hours are done, stop working. If you canít manage to get your work done, you may need to reset your work hours, but you most likely need to look at how much work you can actually take on.

5. Make a separate space for work and family. While it may be easy to work and play in the same area, it helps to have a dedicated office area when you work from home. This will help you focus on what you need to be doing, and even help protect you from getting your work disrupted by your family.

6. Get the family to help. Sure, if your kids are young, they arenít going to be able to help with much, but even very small children can often help organize the house or dry dishes. Make sure everyone does their part.

7. Take time for you. When balancing work and family, you often forget an important part of the equation: you. When scheduling your work and family, always schedule some time to relax, socialize, and do what you like to do.

8. Make friends. Even if you donít get to see them a lot, friends are an important part of maintaining your physical and mental health. Remember to take time to keep your friendships alive.

9. Stay positive. One of the biggest keys to success is keeping a positive attitude. Youíll be surprised what you can accomplish as long as you believe you can do it. Plus, youíll be setting a great life example for your kids at the same time.

10. Remember that you are unique. Trying to fit into someone elseís schedule and someone elseís plan isnít necessarily going to be successful. You need to tailor your plan into your familyís unique needs and find something that works for you.