How To Write More In Less Time

Posted by Webmaster - June 1, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

Your blog is an important part of your business. It connects your audience to your business. It provides value and information. It sells, promotes, and increases awareness. Providing consistently fresh content on your blog is important.

However, creating all this content can be time consuming. It can detract from the time you spend making money and building your business in other ways. The key is to learn how to write effectively and efficiently – to produce great content in less time. Letís take a look at some of the top tips and steps to make this happen.

1. Long term content plan. Do you have a blog content plan? Ideally your plan will identify your content for the next three months if not longer. This plan not only outlines what you’re going to write about and publish but also your goals for that post, your links, and your call to action. Your plan can also include thoughts for each post, resources, and an outline.

2. Set aside time just to write. Create a block of time where you can focus solely on writing. No Facebook, no email, and no phone calls – no distractions period. Itís best to set this time aside when you’re most able to focus. For example, if your mornings are quiet and you are alert, then block time to write in the morning.

3. Plan each piece. Write a quick outline for the blog post before you start filling in the body of your content. Identify the key bullet points and write your subheadings. Donít worry if they’re not catchy at the moment, just move quickly and identify what you’re going to write about.

4. Donít stop writing. Itís easy to get stopped up by a clunky sentence. Just keep writing. Get the words onto the paper. Then, you can go back and edit for clarity, spelling, and grammar.

5. Write in themes. When you’re writing blog posts, try to write several in one sitting. That’s the goal after all, to write more in less time. Imagine if you could get your weeksí worth of content written in one hour.

It is possible and it’s made easier when you work on content that’s related. For example, if you’re a blogger in a home organization niche you might write five blog posts about organizing various parts of the kitchen. Itís easier to write quickly when you don’t have to change themes or ideas.

Getting more written in less time is about creating systems. Once youíve identified and created a system that works for you, stick with it. Youíll cut your writing time in half without reducing quality.