How to Win Jobs on Freelance Websites

Posted by Webmaster - March 11, 2012 - How To Tips - No Comments

Freelancing is made easier with freelance job sites. These sites offer an abundance of opportunities for writers, designers, assistants, researcher and editors. They also offer a lot of competition. It takes a good strategy and a proven approach to win jobs on freelance websites. Here are five tips to help you succeed:

#1 Feedback Is the Name Of the Game

With each and every job you complete, make sure you get feedback. It goes without saying that you do your best and leave your client 100% satisfied. Always get feedback from satisfied clients (and leave it, too). Feedback is one of the biggest reasons a potential client will hire you.

Initially, when you first start using freelance websites, you will be without feedback. It can make sense to take on a few low-paying jobs to build your feedback rating. You can also list any testimonials you have outside of the freelance website to boost credibility as you build your feedback rating.

#2 Find Your Focus

Would you rather hire someone who specializes or someone who does a little bit of everything? Most people want someone who specializes because it implies that they