How To Use YouTube Analytics To Maximize Your Video Marketing Results

Posted by Webmaster - May 28, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

How’s your video marketing strategy coming along? Video shows no signs of slowing down as a major marketing and communication medium. People love to watch and share videos. SO much so that Twitter has gotten in on the action with their new Vine video application. YouTube is still the big player and if you’re using it, even occasionally, to market your business, then you should be using their analytics too.

What is YouTube Analytics?

YouTube analytics is an incredibly powerful and informative tool. You can use it not only to track how your visitors and viewers watch your videos. You can use it to also plan how you create future videos. YouTube Analytics provides a wealth of information.


How many people watch your videos? How do they view them? Do they watch the entire video? Do they click on links? These are important questions to ask and the answers can have a dramatic impact on the way you create and market your videos.

With YouTube Analytics you can identify the days your videos are viewed the most. You can also identify the videos that are the most viewed and then use that information to create and promote future videos.


How many subscribers do you have? When did they join? What video did they watch first? What motivated them to join? Use this information to build your subscriber base and your audience.

Watch Time

How long are your videos and how often do viewers watch the entire video? You can use this information to tweak your videos for maximum watching time and to analyze where people may start to lose interest.

Traffic Sources

Where do your viewers and subscribers come from? What links are they clicking on? What keywords are they using? YouTube Analytics provides you with this information. It can help you fine tune your video SEO and marketing plan.

Getting YouTube Analytics

This is just the beginning. YouTube Analytics provides a ton of additional information including how many of your viewers are watching from mobile devices. If you have a YouTube channel or account then you already have analytics. There’s nothing to do except access it and use it.

Simply log into your account and get into your video dashboard. On the left hand side you should see a few menus. Under “settings