How to Use Vine

Posted by Webmaster - May 25, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

Vine is Twitter’s new video sharing feature. Like a Tweet which gives you a mere 140 characters to say something memorable, Vine gives you six seconds. Your video loops too so your six seconds repeats.

Creating Your Six Second Video

The actual creation of your video is as simple and straightforward as ever. Grab your favorite recording device and start recording. You have six seconds. The challenge is how to make those six seconds count. How do you grab attention, motivate interaction, or inspire a click with six seconds?

Creativity Counts

We’re so accustomed to videos that demonstrate a product, interview a client or educate that it can be a challenge to wrap your mind around six seconds. This is where the fun begins!

Here are just some ways you might make your six second impact:

Before And After Pictures – this is an exceptional idea if you’re a coach, trainer, and organizer, decorator and so on. You can flash through several before and after photos and give viewers a glimpse of what’s possible when they hire you.

Showcase Your Products – If you sell products then you can share them via vine. Jewelry is a fun example; you might place your jewelry in unusual locations. Give it a theme and have fun. For example, if you’re celebrating spring then you might display your jewelry with a variety of spring flowers around.

Behind The Scenes – Show a quick video of you behind the scenes in your home office. Or if you’re interviewing someone, grab a snippet of the interview to use as a promo.

Show Your Customers – Whether you provide a product or a service you can create a vine video to show your customers engaging with your business. Make sure they’re smiling!

Once You Have Your Video

Once you’ve recorded your Vine video, the rest is as easy as posting a tweet. Head to the pasture and download the Vine application. You can sign into it using your Twitter log in information. Give the application access to your Twitter account. If you’d like, you can then use the introductory tutorial to walk you through uploading and posting your first video.

A handy green bar at the top of your screen shows you how much of your six second’s you’ve used. SO you can make your video longer, or shorter, if you desire. Add a caption or location. Keep in mind that you’re using this as a marketing tool so chose your caption wisely. Then share it. You’ll have the option of sharing it in Twitter, Vine, and Facebook.
Track your results to see how people respond to your vine video. You may find that it’s a fun and effective way to market your business.