How to Use Landing Pages More Effectively

Posted by Webmaster - October 28, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

A landing page is defined simply as the page someone lands on when they arrive at your blog or website. However, many business owners misunderstand the purpose of a landing page. Learning to use them more effectively can provide a better user experience for your visitors as well as more profits.

Not a One Size All Approach

One of the most common approaches to a landing page is to create one for everything. Every advertisement, blog post, social media post and email message leads prospects to the same page. This is a mistake. It makes it extremely difficult for you to determine what efforts are generating the best results in terms of click throughs and sales. It also makes it less compelling to your prospects.

For example, if you email your list and you tell them about a wonderful new book you’ve released. Instead of sending them to your one size fits all landing page, why not send them to a landing page created specifically for your new book? You certainly wouldn’t want to send them to one landing page where your primary goal is to capture new subscribers. They’ve already subscribed.

The takeaway is to create a unique landing page for each goal or initiative. For example, if you want to promote your new ebook on Facebook you’d create a unique landing page for that Facebook marketing content. You can promote the same ebook to your email list but you’ll send them to a different landing page. They’re a different audience with a stronger connection to you, they’ve subscribed to your list, and therefore your landing page should be created specifically for them.

You Reap the Benefits Too

It’s important to note that when you create unique landing pages for each of your goals and initiatives, you benefit in multiple ways. You are better able to craft a tailored message to your audience. You’re better able to tweak the page to generate more sales and results. You’re also able to discern what marketing efforts are working and which ones aren’t though the use of strategic analytics.

Creating Landing Pages

If you operate a WordPress based website then creating multiple landing pages may seem overwhelming and complicated. Rest assured that there are several quality plug-ins that help you not only create but manage multiple landing pages on WordPress. They generally also offer opt-in pages and forms as well as templates to help you design and style your landing pages.