How to Use Interviews to Market Your Business

Posted by Webmaster - June 25, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

Have you ever had the pleasure of interviewing an expert? What about being interviewed? Both situations present exceptional opportunities to market your business. Let’s take a look at them in a little more detail.

Interview an Expert, Grow Your Business

Credibility, Authority, Respect

When you interview experts in your niche, you immediately put yourself in a better position. Your readers, prospects and customers will view you with added respect. Your credibility and authority as an expert will grow. You may also experience an increase in subscribers and social media followers. For example, the owner of crafting blog will gain a huge boost in credibility if they interview Martha Steward for their blog.

Reach and Awareness

Interviewing experts also helps broaden your website’s reach and awareness for your brand. Each person you interview comes with their own following. They’ll visit your blog to read the interview. This is an automatic increase in traffic and awareness. And assuming you have a blog jam packed with value, they’ll stay, have a look around, and become new prospects.


An audio or video interview can become so much more. You can use a simple audio interview to create print content. Have it transcribed and use one interview to produce several articles, emails, and blog posts. Combine a few interviews and create a long report or eBook. Consider how your audience may best utilize your interview content and then provide it in a few different formats.

Be Interviewed and Grow Your Business

The marketability of interviews is a two way street. You can gain a lot of exposure when you’re interviewed by others. A single interview published on a high traffic blog can send hundreds or thousands of new readers to your blog.

You can of course also link to your interview from your social media pages and connect with your interviewer on social media to thank them for the exposure. Continue the conversation and draw others into it.

Share links to the interview with your email list and with your blog readers as well. Be proud of your interview and the information you provide. Interviewing and being interviewed can be a useful and productive marketing tactic. The next step is to identify people you’d like to interview and approach them. Be ready to pitch what the opportunity has to offer them. And as you’re networking, don’t hesitate to provide yourself as a potential candidate to interview. Share your knowledge and information with other audiences and grow your business.