How to Use Google Docs for Project Management

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How to Use Google Docs for Project Management

If you work with clients or contractors on projects it can be challenging to track everything. One missed deadline or message can derail a project. Project management tools and services can take the stress away. However, they can be expensive. Google Docs, Google’s answer to word processing, spreadsheets and more, is free. And with a few simple tips and steps, it can be used as a project management tool to help you stay on track.

Step #1 Get A Google Account

If you don’t use Gmail or have a Google account the first step is to sign up. Simply visit and sign up. It’s free. If you’re using Google Docs for project management be sure to create a username that your clients and project managers will recognize.

Step #2 Create a Document

You can create a spreadsheet, documents, presentations and more. You’ll also see a button labeled “Share”