How to use Friends+ Me

Posted by Webmaster - March 28, 2014 - How To Tips - No Comments

One of the predictions for 2014 is that there will be more tools created to help business owners gain more control over their social media marketing. For example Hootsuite helps manage several Twitter accounts, schedule posts, and track analytics. Friends+ Me is a new tool for Google+ users.

What Does Friends+ Me Do? What Makes it Different?

Friends+ Me automatically shares content published on Google+ to your other social media networks. It connects with Twitter as well as Facebook business pages, groups and personal profiles. It also connects with LinkedIn profiles, groups and pages as well as Tumblr public pages and private blogs. What’s significant about Friend+ Me is that it allows you to selectively publish and share on a variety of sites. For example, if you publish content on Google+ and you want to share it on Facebook but not Twitter, you can control that.

Image control and link tracking. Friends+ Me also allows you to include images with your Twitter posts and link tracking. It does take a little time to set up. However, once you have all of your networks connected, it’s super easy to use.

Step #1 Visit Friend+ Me and Register

If you have a Google account then you likely have a Google+ account. If not, then you’ll need to get a Google+ account. Visit‎ and follow the directions to create your account. Then visit and click on the “Get Started