How to Use a Simple Ten-Page Report to Grow Your Business

Posted by Webmaster - January 28, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

Content is the bread and butter, the profit generator, of any online business. It helps define your personality. It establishes your brand. It attracts prospects, keeps them at your website, and turns them into customers. Content is an essential element of your online success. Mixing it up and providing new forms of content to your audience can give your business the boost you may be looking for. In fact, a simple ten page report can accomplish tons.

#1 Email List

The most basic way to utilize a ten-page report is to give it away as an opt-in for your email list. Create a top-quality and highly specialized report. Require an email address for delivery, and start creating a mailing list. Of course, the benefit comes when you begin emailing these qualified prospects, connecting with them, and converting them to customers.

#2 Give It Away for Free

If you already have an email list, consider providing them a free report out of the goodness of your heart. Use the report to further establish your likeability, credibility, and authority. You can also include a few affiliate links and use the report to generate some income. Make sure that the affiliate links represent the quality that you want to associate with and are relevant to the information in your report.

You can also give your report away for free on your blog or website. Use it as the entry point into your sales funnel. Include a call to action at the end of your report to promote a book, services, or products depending on your business model.

#3 Publish It!

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