How to Successfully Back Up Your Blog Content

Posted by Webmaster - June 19, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

Your blog is precious to you. Itís the connection between you and your prospects and customers. Itís one of your biggest and most important marketing tools. And if you run a WordPress based business website then your blog is your business. If it goes down or is hacked, your profits can come to a standstill.

Hackers have become a major problem for business owners of all sizes and in every industry. Protecting your blog or WordPress site has become a primary goal for many business owners. However, one of the most important things when it comes to protecting your business and your blog is to back it up. That way, should the worst happen, youíll be back up and operating in no time.

They key is Frequency

Backing up one a month or whenever you remember to just isn’t enough. The month that you let your backup lag or forget will be the month that something happens. Many business owners operate with weekly backups however, this may not be enough. If you publish daily posts, and conduct business transactions via your WordPress site then you may want to consider hourly backups

Automate For Consistency

There are many automated backup options to consider. For example, WordPress Database Backup is a plugin that will back up your site based on your preferences. You can back up several times a day, daily, or weekly. The backups are emailed to you.

There are also backup services that you can subscribe to. Theyíll back up your site automatically and store or send a copy to you.

Assess Don’t Assume

Once your backup system is in place, don’t just assume it is working. Check it out. Make sure the backup files are complete. Make sure your plug-in is working and that you’re receiving the files. And consider creating your own backup manually on a weekly basis. This step will help ensure your backup recovery plan is functional should the worst happen.