How To Stop Ignoring Your Customers

Posted by Webmaster - September 28, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

Your customers are the lifeblood of your company. Where would you be without them? If you’re not spending a good chunk of your time marketing to your existing customers then you may be missing out. After all, they’ve already proven they’re interested in spending money on your products or services. Why not spend a bit more time focusing on their needs and less time trying to find new customers? You may find that happy customers mean happy bank accounts.

Customer Appreciation

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. And a customer who feels recognized and valued is more likely to become a repeat customer and a loyal one too. There are many different ways you can show your customers just how much you love them.

One of the most enjoyable, and profitable, ways to show customer appreciation is to give them something just because. Who doesn’t like getting a surprise freebie? Your customers will love it. Give them a free eBook or report or send them a coupon to purchase something on your site at a significant discount. Be sure to let them know that they’re getting this freebie or discount because they’re appreciated and because they’re a customer.

Ask For Their Input

Your customers are also a fantastic source of knowledge and information. They are your audience. Use good customers as beta testers for new products or services. Ask customers for their opinion or feedback on new products or services – and reward them for their time and effort.

Also consider asking your customers what their needs and goals are. You can then use that information to create new products or services that help them meet their goals. The more value you can provide your customers, the more likely they are to stay within the fold.

Provide New Ways to Access Your Business and Your Information

Customers deserve special treatment. You can help them feel special by providing them with special features and benefits that non customers just don’t have access too. For example, maybe customers receive a monthly newsletter. Or perhaps they have access to your membership site and forum where they can interact, access more content, and get answers to questions.

Think about what your customer means to you and how you can help them feel more appreciated. What value can you offer to your customers? How can you make sure they stick with your business rather than turning to your competition? Your customers really are your biggest asset, stop ignoring them and show them how much you care.