How to Relax Before a Presentation

Posted by Webmaster - March 19, 2014 - How To Tips - No Comments

Whether you’re speaking in public or you’re hosting a webinar, giving a presentation can be nerve wracking. Yet the more calm, cool, and collected you are, the better the presentation. It can be quite distracting for your audience if you’re visibly nervous. The goal is to present your information in the most authentic and credible way possible. Show them the real you, the one that knows what you’re talking about and is confident in your information.

Exercise First

Exercising is an excellent method for burning off nervous energy. It requires focus and attention so you’ll be able to take your mind off of your pending presentation. Additionally, exercise releases endorphins which create a state of calm. You’ll be ready to present your information with a clear head and a calm body.

Friendly Conversation

Before your presentation, enjoy a friendly conversation with someone. It might be a family member or a friend or it could be someone in your audience. Friendly conversation reminds you that you’re speaking with people and that you’re human. If there’s laughter in your conversation, all the better. Laughter also releases feel good hormones that put you in a positive and more relaxed mindset.

Be Prepared

Preparation is key. There’s nothing that causes anxiety like losing your way during a presentation or forgetting what you want to say. Create note cards or use visual cues like a PowerPoint presentation to help you stay on track. Practice your presentation several times before you present.

Be Ready to Ad Lib

While preparation is helpful, too much presentation and an attempt to memorize your speech can be detrimental. Be prepared to make changes along the way. When you’re comfortable with the material, this gives you some freedom to create new material as you’re speaking. For example, you might share a personal story or stop to answer questions. Demonstrating that you can go with the flow helps your audience connect with you and believe that you are a credible source of information.

Remember that it’s About Your Audience

One of the reasons that giving a presentation is so anxiety ridden is that you’re worried about how you’ll be perceived. However, when you remember that the goal is to give your audience the best information and experience possible, your focus shifts. You’re better able to make them a priority and relax a little bit.

All types of presentations can help you build a strong and credible business. Learning to relax before presentations strengthens the power of the presentation and helps you take advantage of more presentation opportunities.